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Federal Land : Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
1 Bedroom ₱ 3,000,000 - 3,700,000 20.5 sqm - 25 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 5,000,000 - 6,900,000 34 sqm - 47 sqm


Why you should invest in Peninsula Garden Midtown Home

Top Tourist Destination

Paco has not lost its glory as the summer capital of the Philippines. Many tourists have decided to make this amiable metropolis their mountain retreat from Manila’s severe heat. The manifold efforts of the government continue to boost tourism greatly. This has made the city the top destination for both local and international tourists. This is due to its proximity to the major commercial centres in the country due to its proximity to the capital.

Top Choice as Retirement Home

Overall, most expats prefer the Philippines as their retirement country. But adding to Paco’s appeal is the cool soothing climate and leisurely laid back mood gives the city an upper hand. Add to the ambient environment within the property and ease of ownership gives you the ultimate retirement package.

Paco’s Continuously Growing Economy

The city has a large retail industry; this has been made possible by the large growing middle class in the city and the vibrant tourist economy. There are numerous shopping centres which mean that you not only get to enjoy the finest things, but your property immensely increases in value.

Amenities that your whole family will enjoy

The property is meant to offer urban-based Filipino families and young professionals a place to call home, a secure sanctuary where parents and their kids can enjoy the amenities of garden livelihood in the city at a more pocket-friendly rate and devoid of the need for them to move to the suburbs.

There are relaxing and expansive indoor and outdoor facilities to enjoy camaraderie with loved ones. This allows the residents have the benefit of life at its best by indulging in the splendour of nature, maintaining an elevated standard of living.

A Developer you can Trust

With the developer’s proven track record of delivering even bigger and better projects in a timely manner, you can breathe free knowing that your investment is in the right hands. The developer has developed many projects that include hotels, entertainment centres, office buildings, and other condominium communities.

For this reason, they have been recognized by the Chamber of Real Estate Builders Association and awarded with the prestigious Developer of Year in 2007. With such a recognition, solid track record and over 3 decades of experience, they are definitely a force to reckon with.

Large units that are fairly priced

Owning a home can be a pretty expensive affair. In some instances, homeowners have found themselves in situations where they can furnish their homes after the cash strapping affair. Peninsula Midtown homes offer 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units covering an area of between 20.15sqm to 47.9sqm at a reasonable price.

The payment terms for Midtown home is accommodating and can be determined based on the financial budget and capability of the buyer and dissimilar prices per month could be established.


The Peninsula Garden Midtown is the first master-planned premier community in Manila. It brings condominium living intermingled with manicured precincts, chains of green flora, and peaceful water elements. Quit with the digging and DIY conventional methods of turning your dream into reality. The Peninsula Garden Midtown Homes have all your aspirations captured.  The developer has gone beyond the fundamentals of effective pricing to help you make decisions and reap top value for your purchase.

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